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We are excited to help bring the freedom and joy of cycling to people of all abilities. We take a very personalized approach and utilize our years of experience to ensure that your bike is perfect for you. Each bike and electric bike that we sell can be adapted and customized to fit your unique body thereby making sure you enjoy the most comfortable ride possible for many years to come. With our best price guarantee and 14-day return policy, you can be assured that when choosing to shop with Get Around Bikes you are guaranteed to be making the right choice.

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Take a tour of the new Van Raam facility

Please take a tour of the new Van Raam facility in the video below to get a better understanding of the care and technology that Van Raam puts into building each bicycle.

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Why VanRaam?

Get Around Bikes is the exclusive North West dealer of Van Raam special needs bicycles. We chose to represent Van Raam as they are the world leader in manufacturing adaptive bicycles. Van Raam has almost 110 years experience building bicycles and has been focused on special needs bicycles for 35 years. All of their bikes are built in their own energy efficient factory in the Netherlands, not by a third party in Asia as with many brands today. Please take a tour of the new Van Raam facility to get a better understanding of the care and technology that Van Raam puts into building each bicycle.

This attention to detail and ability to control every aspect of the build process helps guarantee you will be getting the highest quality and most comfortable electric bike available in the world today. Your bike can be customised specifically for your disability and Van Raam produces electric and non-electric bikes for everyone from children to seniors. The Van Raam vision is the same as Get Around Bikes' vision: "If people with a disability can be mobile and independent for a longer time, they are happier. Van Raam wants to contribute to the integration of people with disabilities in society. Let's all cycle!"

How We Sell Our Bikes:

At Get Around Bikes, we have chosen to focus on Van Raam's wheelchair bikes, adult tricycles, side-by-side tandems, and transport bikes. This allows us to be experts in these four categories, better serving the majority of our customers. Van Raam also produces scooter bikes, tandems, walking aids, kid's tricycles and low step-thru comfort bikes, which we are happy to help you with and we can order for you, but we will not usually have these in stock.

We treat each of our customers as a unique individual and one of the joys of our job is getting to know you and your specific needs and wants. We are happy to take as much time as necessary to make sure we help you find the ideal electric bike for you. Please contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Best Sellers

Transportation Bicycles

Chat Transportation Bicycle

The rickshaw bike Chat is meant to ride together with children and/or adults who are no longer able to participate in traffic on their own. An accompanying person cycles with...

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Side by Side Tandem Bicycles

Fun2Go Side by Side Tandem

The Fun2Go is a double rider cycle/ three-wheel tandem where the users sit beside each other. One person steers, both can pedal. The two persons haveĀ a good view and can...

Electric prices starting at:


Wheelchair Bicycles

VeloPlus Bicycle

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is designed for transporting people, who can remain seated in their own wheelchair, by cycle. The passenger is not required to be transferred between the...

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Wheelchair Bicycles

OPair Bicycle

The OPair is a wheelchair bike with which you can transport a wheelchair user. A seat for the wheelchair user/passenger is affixed to the front of the bike. From the...

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