Who we are:

We provide mobility and freedom to those who need adaptive bicycles. Many of the people who contact us have never had the opportunity to ride a bike or they once were able to but now have a need for an adaptive bike. We love seeing the smile that cycling brings to each one of our customer's faces. It fuels us.
Get Around Bikes was born to give people of all ages and abilities the exhilaration and positive benefits of cycling

Matt, the founder, has been fortunate enough to live a life that has allowed him to ride bikes all over the world; from racing down volcanoes in Hawaii during a triathlon to commuting with his wife to work as a P.E. Teacher in Western Australia to shuttling his two kids to school in Oregon, bicycles have always been a favorite mode of transport for Matt. He believes that if more people rode bicycles, the world would be a better place. His mother, who is wheel chair bound from dementia, inspires Matt to want to share bicycling with all peoples regardless of age or ability. If you or your organization has any questions with regards to how a Van Raam bicycle could bring more freedom and joy to your life please reach out to Get Around Bikes. They would love to use their many years of experience in the bicycle industry to help you find the perfect Van Raam bicycle for you. Smiles are guaranteed no matter your abilities.

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